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Clearlink of Anderson, SC is a well-established local Internet service provider that offers a wide range of options for your small business. When you sign up for an Internet service provider, you expect nothing less than the best for your business. However, what you often get with larger companies is sub-par connection speeds and poor customer service. At Clearlink , you will never feel like just a number when you call to sign up or need help. You will always be treated like a valued neighbor because that is what you are!

Rather than getting upload and download speeds that are far slower than a major Internet service provider promises, Clearlink gives you tested and trusted connections that provide a noticeable advantage over other competitors. Upload speed with Clearlink average 3-12 times greater than with other companies tested in the Anderson, SC area, while download speeds range from 5-45 Mbps depending on the plan and setup you choose. The cost for these speeds can also save you considerably over what you are paying now!

With a network that is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for performance, Clearlink is precisely what your small business needs to be productive during peak hours where other companies fail to deliver. Clearlink also offers live customer service and technical support 24/7 so help is always just a phone call away. Clearlink takes reliability to a new level with redundant paths built at all critical local network points. This ensures if one area fails, there will always be a backup to keep you connected.

Switch to Clearlink for your small business today and experience a higher level of customer service. Your network will be installed and tested thoroughly with the best layout for your specific business and its needs. Clearlink will set up your routers, cabling, switches, and Wi-Fi so you can get up and running fast. As your Internet service provider and so much more, Clearlink is looking out for your small business!

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